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About This Website


The search feature allows you to search for products based on colour or other properties. Searching for values like "dark" or "orange" will return products with similar or matching properties.


Care has been taken to make the website accessible to people with certain disabilities. The site aids screen readers and other interpreter devices. In addition, access keys have been implemented for browsing the site without a mouse. To use access keys, press Alt(PC)/Option(Mac) and the corresponding number or letter. These features have been implemented in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Printer Friendly

Every page is printer friendly. If you print a page, navigational elements will be removed automatically.

Recommended Browsers

The site has been tested to work in all modern browsers, and is satisfactorily accessible from any platform and browser type. However, we recommend Firefox (available for PC, Mac and Linux). Read Browse Happy to find out why.

Screen Resolutions

This website works in 800x600 screen resolution and above. 1024x768 is recommended.