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Our Proud History in Timber

The Briggs Group of companies is proud of its long association with the Australian timber industry, having been continuously involved in the milling and marketing of sawn timber products for 100 years. In 1908 G.L. Briggs and Sons built their first mill at Dorrigo, NSW. This mill was replaced by another built at nearby Megan in 1915 which was subsequently expanded to include a furniture and joinery factory in 1917. The company moved to larger facilities at Briggsvale in 1923.

Saw Mill

G.L. Briggs and Sons' saw mill in the early 1900's

In 1927, G.L. Briggs and Sons fired their first timber drying kiln, while veneer milling at Briggsvale began in 1933. These expanded activities allowed the company to prosper, and the town to flourish to its peak of 150 residents.

In 1961, two additional mills in the nearby township of Cascade were purchased.

Old Lathe

G.L. Briggs and Sons' original veneer lathe in the 1930's

Extensive plant modernisation in 1972 included the installation of computer controlled twin band sawing equipment and other modern handling systems. Around this time, G.L. Briggs pioneered the peeling and marketing of regrowth eucalypt veneers and plywood products. By 1983 demand had grown to the point where a new plywood factory was added. Unfortunately, the Briggsvale saw- and veneer-milling operation ceased in 1993, due to the mill being destroyed in a fire.

New Factory

Briggs Veneers' warehouse and factory at Wetherill Park in NSW

Experience second to none!

The Briggs Group continues to pursue quality and innovation in the timber industry. Briggs Veneers' local and export customers are serviced from our Sydney Head Office at Wetherill Park, where we hold large stocks of locally produced and imported veneers. Our modern and efficient preparation facilities also enable us to quickly despatch your requirement, whether they be for flitch veneer material or prepared lay-on veneers ready for pressing onto panels. Briggs offers a full range of more than 150 quality timber veneers, including the TrueGrain reconstituted timber veneers and eco-cert environmentally certified veneers.