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FLAMEBLOCK™ FRMDF and Fire Rated Veneers

Briggs Veneers would like to announce that our veneers, combined with the new BRIGGS FLAMEBLOCK™ FRMDF, now meet BCA Fire Hazard Group 2 requirements for commercial interiors (Class 2 to Class 9 buildings), fully backed up by comprehensive certificates. Advice from the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is that you need a certificate for the veneered MDF (not the raw MDF, or just the veneer) that lists all species by name. Additionally, advice from the ABCB is that the every type/species of veneer on substrate (including every type of reconstituted veneer) needs to be included on the certificate/test report.

Briggs FLAMEBLOCK FRMDF is the only veneered Fire Retardant MDF that has Fire certificates for more than 180 veneers. We also have a full set of Fire Hazard Group 3 certificates for our veneers on Standard MDF.

BCA requirements for interior cladding - FIRE HAZARD GROUP NUMBERS & veneer

The BCA requires that all (flammable) interior cladding materials for walls and ceilings in Class 2 to 9 Buildings must be rated for their Fire Hazard Group Number. Table 2 below sets out where the different Fire Hazard Group Numbers are required (Group 1 is the most fire resistant, Group 3 the least).

In summary, this table and associated Lift Interior requirements means that -
Fire Retardant panels certified to Fire Hazard Group 2 must be used in:

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