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Timber Veneer Care and Maintenance

It is not possible for us to give full care instructions for a finished veneer panel because we only sell the raw veneer (ie not laminated onto board, not coated). Instructions for raw veneer are inappropriate for a laminated and clear-coated panel (note that veneer should not be used in a raw uncoated form - it is always finally clear coated). Factors such as the coating type play a significant part in determining how the complete finished product should be cared for. It is suggested that the joiner/cabinet maker/fit-out company who did your project be contacted for Care Instructions, as they are the people in control of the final product and how it is finished. Additionally, you could try contacting a Coatings supplier and a substrate supplier to find out what their products are suitable for, and how the products that you have specified should be cared for.

However, in a general sense, veneered surfaces should not be left wet/damp or with wet staining materials on them (such as dark fruit juice/wine), and are only suitable for use in interior applications. Veneered surfaces should not be cleaned with harsh cleaners. Veneered products are not suitable for high wear and/or wet surfaces such as kitchen counter tops, unless the veneer is completely encased within a suitable 100% waterproof resin system. Some customers even find veneers inappropriate for applications above hot steam, such as above dishwashers and cook-tops. Veneer surfaces (like all coloured materials) will always change colour, to a greater or lesser degree, particularly upon exposure to strong natural and artificial light. The degree of colour change will depend on such factors as the species chosen, the coating type used and the intensity and period of time of exposure to light. Some species may even change colour upon exposure to the atmosphere, such as natural American Cherry, which tends to darken.

Please note that these notes are not "Care Instructions" because it is not possible for us to speak on behalf of coatings', board and glue suppliers, nor on how these products are used/applied. These factors and their interactive effects are beyond our control.

See also the Decorative Wood Veneers guide for care instructions at