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Greenstar points - eco-cert™ veneers & FLAMEBLOCK™ FRMDF

The Briggs eco-cert™ range is Australia's largest comprehensive range of certified veneers comprised of:

(FSC® Mixed, FSC® Pure, AFS and PEFC veneers are all able to contribute to Greenstar points)

Additionally, we have a PEFC certified fire retardant substrate:

Environmental certification

Greenstar points

For Green Star Tools, go to the Green Building Council Rating Tools page and Revised Timber Credit.




This information is applicable 1/8/07. Supply of all veneers is subject to availability and the information presented on these sheets is intended as a guide only. Briggs Veneers is neither liable nor responsible for any errors or misinterpretations this information and we are unable to make any guarantees with regards to the certainty of Green Star™ points contributed by veneer or substrate, because the interpretation of these tools, the assessment of product quantities/percentages in a project, and the ultimate decisions regarding the granting of Green Star™ points, resides with the owner of these tools, the Green Building Council of Australia, or their licenced/approved agents/consultants.