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Veneer Technical Information

Applications and Uses for Decorative Veneer

Veneer Consistency

Veneer may vary in appearance between different logs or colour batches, with natural veneers having significantly greater variability than the very consistent TrueGrain reconstructed veneers. To achieve best possible consistency across a project, all veneer should be ordered at one time and in the case of large projects, it is best if several months' notice is given to Briggs Veneers. The best way to control the appearance of natural veneer is to make an appointment to inspect and reserve it at our warehouse approximately four weeks prior to the veneer being required, or contact us at this time to have a sample of a current log posted to you. Then, quote your selected log or crate in the project specification. Otherwise, we may not be able to identify your order when we get it.


Veneered panels should always be finished with a clear timber sealer or coating, these are available in a range of types and gloss levels (eg Matt 30%, Satin 60% and High Gloss 95%). Generally, high wear (such as desks) or humid applications (such as bathrooms) require a two-pack polyurethane and to minimize yellowing with age, a non- or low-yellowing coating with UV inhibitors should be used. However, this is a guideline only and expert advice should be sought with regards to coatings.

See also or contact your coating supplier. Note that Cellulose Nitrate lacquers should be not be used in any areas or applications that the BCA specifies should be of Fire Hazard Material Group 1, 2 or 3 (see below). It should be noted that the type of clear-coating, light, humidity, age/time may affect the appearance of the finished panels and for best consistency the same coating system/processing methods should be used across the entire project.

Care of Veneered Products

Veneered panels should only be cleaned with mild soap/detergent and a damp rag (never solvent type cleaners or abrasives) and please avoid continuous exposure to bright light. General care instructions can be found at Because Briggs Veneers only supplies raw veneer and does not have control over the glues and finishes/clear coats used in fabrication, we are unable to provide specific care instructions or guarantees for the finished product - please contact your fabricator for these.


Cuts, Patterns and Matching