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Skateboard Veneers

Do you want to make your own skateboard? The following veneers are available in these colours and dimensions:

1.6mm CENTRE 109cmx24cm NATURAL
1.6mm CENTRE 89cmx24cm LIME GREEN
1.6mm CENTRE 89cmx24cm RED
1.6mm CENTRE 89cmx24cm AQUA
1.6mm FACE 107cmx24cm NATURAL
1.6mm FACE 89cmx24cm BLACK
1.6mm FACE 89cmx24cm AQUA
1.6mm FACE 89cmx24cm LIME GREEN
1.4mm FACE 89cmx24cm BLACK
1.4mm FACE 89cmx24cm ORANGE
1.4mm FACE 89cmx24cm BROWN
1.4mm FACE 87cmx24cm VIOLET
1.4mm FACE 87cmx24cm RED
1.4mm FACE 87cmx24cm LIME-GREEN
1.4mm FACE 87cmx24cm NATURAL
1.4mm FACE 122cmx24cm NATURAL
1.4mm CENTRE 89mx24cm BLACK
1.4mm CENTRE 87cmx24cm NATURAL
1.4mm CENTRE 122cmx24cm NATURAL
1.2mm CROSS-BAND 24cmx87cm NATURAL