Fire retardant medium density fibreboard in natural & black MRMDF


Flameblock FRMDF is fire retardant all the way through. In the raw/painted form and with all veneers of density up to 755kg/m3, Flameblock (12mm and thicker) in Natural coloured and Black is certified to reach Fire Hazard Group 2 for interior walls and ceilings. Raw Flameblock is also certified to reach Fire Hazard Group 2.

All Briggs Fire Hazard Group Number tests and assessments are done according to AS 5637 using ISO 9705 Room Burn Tests, as required by the Australian National Construction Code (NCC) 2019. Please refer to this download for New Zealand Group Numbers.
Black moisture resistant MDF is used where black substrate and panels are required for aesthetic reasons. All FLAMEBLOCK and Briggs Black MRMDF is PEFC certified for sustainability.

Briggs PEFC Chain of Custody Certificate No: SGSCH-PEFC-COC-000113.

Fire Hazard Group Numbers in these Reports only apply to flat, un-slotted, non-routed panels. Note that we are not qualified to advise what Fire Hazard Group Numbers are required for your application - please seek the advice of a Fire Engineer Consultant or Building Certifier. Please do not put these reports on any website as they are the property of Warrington Fire. It is the responsibility of the user of all Briggs fire information, Fire Test and Assessment Reports to ensure that the products that they are applying this information to, are as described/named in the Reports. Briggs Veneers accepts no responsibility if our products are substituted.