PURE PAPER® COLOR and METAL Laminates from OBER France

Unique Metal and Melamine laminates in a large range of colours and textures


Pure Paper Color Melamine high pressure laminates are made by Ober France and designed by Patrick Norguet. Pure Paper Color is available ex-stock in 15 colours. The colours are extra matt and rich, with a texture similar to that of blotting paper. Suitable wherever high pressure melamine laminates are normally used: shop-fitting, work stations, panelling, interior doors, furniture, cabinetry, counter-tops and fronts, kitchen and vanity doors. See the full range at http://www.purepaper-laminates.com/color-collection-of-decorative-laminated-panels.html 

Pure Paper Metal laminates is available ex-stock in 9 metal finishes. Pure Paper Metal has a lacquered surface similar in hardness and durability to finished wood veneer. It is suitable for dry and low-wear applications, such as walls, interior doors and ceilings. See the full range at http://www.purepaper-laminates.com/decorative-metal-laminated-panels.html

Note: Not all Pure Paper products are in stock in Australia. Those which aren’t in stock are available by indent order. For more information on availability please contact Briggs Veneers.

Images of veneer and laminate on this page represent finished samples approximately 100mmx100mm. Colours displayed on your screen may differ from those of actual samples and from veneer or veneer laminate used on a project. Veneer and veneer laminate are made from natural wood so their appearance may vary and have natural and manufacturing features such as pin knots, gum, figure, join lines, slight indentations and some variation in the appearance of how stains/washes/tints are taken up by different leaves or logs.