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Product Range Overview

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Sustainable Natural Real Wood Veneers

Sustainable natural wood veneers have all the beauty and warmth that can only come from using real wood. The uniqueness of each log means that every project has its own special appeal, yet at the same time you can have the confidence that the forests where the veneer came from are being sustainably regrown to give a continuing supply in perpetuity. Suitable for all low wear and dry vertical interior applications such as furniture and panelling. Most species are now available as FSC® or PEFC certified for sustainability – please refer to the Briggs eco-cert® range of veneers.

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eco-cert™ FSC® & PEFC Certified Wood Veneers

eco-cert® FSC® & PEFC wood veneers are independently certified to be from responsibly managed forests & controlled sources. The have all the beauty and warmth that can only come from using real wood. At the same time, the FSC®/PEFC certification gives the certainty that trees are being regrown to give a continuing supply in perpetuity, with the Briggs FSC® & PEFC Chain of Custody certificates ensuring supply chain integrity from forest to market. eco-cert® veneers are suitable for all low wear dry vertical interior applications such as furniture and panelling.

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TABU® WOODSTOCK and ECOLIGNA Dyed Real Wood Veneers

Made in Italy from the highest quality real wood veneers using special technology that dyes the veneer all the way through - these veneers have all the beauty, grain, depth, texture, warmth and uniqueness that can only come from using real wood, with the advantage of being available in a wider range of colours, and being more colour consistent than undyed veneer. Suitable for all low wear and dry vertical interior applications such as furniture and panelling, where special colours and are required, whilst maintaining the beauty of the natural wood grain and figure. Many Woodstock veneers are available as FSC® certified to be from responsibly managed forests.

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TRUEGRAIN® and other Reconstituted Wood Veneers

TrueGrain and other dyed reconstituted veneers are made from real wood veneer, dyed all the way through, then laminated and re-sliced to make veneer in unique colours and patterns. It is the most consistent of all wood veneers and is suitable where a high degree of uniformity is required, such as large areas of wall panelling. TrueGrain also has the advantage that it is available in patterns and colours not available in natural veneer. TrueGrain veneers are suited to interior, dry, low wear and vertical applications. Many TrueGrain veneers are available as FSC® certified to be from responsibly managed forests.

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INNATO™ Natural-grain Pre-finished Real Wood Veneer Laminates

Natural timber veneer in a range of species from Australia and around the world, pre-finished with a cured, hard, durable, clear-coating. These products have a real wood grain texture and are reinforced with a laminate backing sheet. Innato is more wear, scratch, impact, stain and moisture-resistant than ordinary veneer, making it ideal for ordinary low wear, dry, interior veneer applications and also very good for dry interior medium-wear horizontal and vertical applications such as desk-tops and panelling in interior public spaces. Because it is supplied pre-finished, Innato has quicker fabrication time than veneer and is more economical to use.

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OBERFLEX® Ultra-tough Pre-finished Real Wood Veneer Laminates

Made in France from real wood veneer bonded under ultra-high pressure to a laminate backing, with the veneer being impregnated and surfaced with a very hard cured melamine resin. Coloured stains and patterns are pre-applied to some Oberflex to create tints not achievable in ordinary veneer. Oberflex retains the appearance of real timber veneer, whilst also having very high wear, scratch, stain, impact and moisture resistance. Ideal for interior vertical and horizontal applications where high wear, scratch and stain-resistance is required. Because it is supplied pre-finished, Oberflex® has reduced fabrication time compared to wood veneer.

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PURE PAPER® COLOR and METAL Laminates from OBER France

Pure Paper Color Melamine high pressure laminates are made by Ober France and designed by Patrick Norguet. They come in twenty five custom colours and nine patterns/textures. The colours are extra matt and rich, with a texture similar to that of blotting paper. Suitable wherever high pressure melamine laminates are normally used. Pure Paper Metal laminates come in eleven finishes and twelve patterns/textures. It has a lacquered surface similar in hardness and durability to finished wood veneer and is suitable for dry and low-wear applications. Not all Pure Paper products are in stock in Australia, for more information on availability please contact Briggs Veneers.

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Flameblock FRMDF is fire retardant all the way through. In the raw/painted form and with all veneers of density up to 755kg/m3, Flameblock (12mm and thicker) in Natural Coloured and Black is certified to reach Fire Hazard Group 2. All Briggs Fire Hazard Group Number tests and assessments are done according to AS 5637 using ISO 9705 Room Burn Tests, as required by the Australian National Construction Code (NCC) 2019. All FLAMEBLOCK and Briggs Black MRMDF is PEFC certified for sustainability.

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Other Products

A wide range of veneer products including layons, rotary & skateboard veneer, formply faces, ABS & veneer edge-bands, paper-tape & hot-melt thread for veneer

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Availability of all products may be subject to stock run-outs. Veneer and veneer laminates are not suitable for use in exterior or wet applications, and are generally not suitable for use on floors. They should not be hand-glued onto surfaces or substrates except by those experienced in this work. We recommend that gluing of veneer onto substrate be carried out by panel pressers/layers, tradespeople or others with suitable experience and expertise in veneering, using the right equipment and glues.