INNATO® Natural-grain Pre-finished Real Wood Veneer Laminates

Prefinished textured real wood veneer laminates, in Australian and imported species


Natural timber veneer in a range of species from Australia and around the world, pre-finished with a cured, hard, durable, clear-coating. These products have a real wood grain texture and are reinforced with a laminate backing sheet. Innato is more wear, scratch, impact, stain and moisture-resistant than ordinary veneer, making it ideal for ordinary low wear, dry, interior veneer applications and also very good for dry interior medium-wear horizontal and vertical applications such as desk-tops and panelling in interior public spaces. Supplied finished (at thicknesses from 0.7mm to 1mm), Innato has reduced fabrication time and is more economical to use compared to ordinary veneer.

These images represent samples approximately 100mmx100mm. Colours displayed on your screen may differ from those of the actual samples and these products are made from natural wood so their appearance may vary. Availability of all products may be subject to stock runouts.
Veneer laminates are not suitable for use in exterior or wet applications, and are generally not suitable for use on floors. They should not be hand-glued onto surfaces or substrates except by those experienced and with expertise in this work, using the right equipment and glues.