TABU® WOODSTOCK and ECOLIGNA Dyed Real Wood Veneers

Veneers dyed all the way through to create unique and beautiful colours and grains


Made in Italy from the highest quality real wood veneers using special technology that dyes the veneer all the way through - these veneers have all the beauty, grain, depth, texture, warmth and uniqueness that can only come from using real wood, with the advantage of being available in a wider range of colours, and being more colour consistent than undyed veneer. Suitable for all low wear and dry vertical interior applications such as furniture and panelling, where special colours and are required, whilst maintaining the beauty of the natural wood grain and figure. Many Woodstock veneers are available as FSC® certified to be from responsibly managed forests.

Briggs FSC® Chain of Custody Certificate No: SGSHK-COC-002954, SGSHK-CW-002954.

The appearance of this veneer may vary because wood is a natural product and there may also be some colour variation between dye-batches. It may have natural features such as pin knots and figure.

Images of veneer and laminate on this page represent finished samples approximately 100mmx100mm. Colours displayed on your screen may differ from those of actual samples and from veneer or veneer laminate used on a project. Veneer and veneer laminate are made from natural wood so their appearance may vary and have natural and manufacturing features such as pin knots, gum, figure, join lines, slight indentations and some variation in the appearance of how stains/washes/tints are taken up by different leaves or logs.