TRUEGRAIN® Reconstituted Wood Veneers

Veneer laminated and resliced to make unique and consistent patterns and colours


Made from natural wood veneer or bamboo, dyed or undyed, laminated together and resliced to form unique patterns and colours. TrueGrain veneers made from dyed veneers are nearly perfectly consistent in colour and pattern, making them ideal for large areas of matching panelling and projects with multiple packages. Like all veneers, TrueGrain is suited to dry, low wear and vertical applications such as panelling and cabinetry. Many TrueGrain veneers are FSC® certified for environmental sustainability. Supplied raw at a thickness of around 0.55mm, TrueGrain veneer then goes through several stages such as pressing, sanding and clear coating to make the finished product on substrate.

These images represent finished samples approximately 100mmx100mm. Colours displayed on your screen may differ from those of the actual samples and some TrueGrain veneers are made from undyed wood so their appearance may vary from batch to batch. Availability of all products may be subject to stock runouts.
Veneer is not suitable for use in exterior or wet applications, and is generally not suitable for use on floors. It should not be hand-glued onto surfaces or substrates except by those experienced and with expertise in this work, using the right equipment and glues.