This image represents a finished sample approximately 600mm wide. Colours displayed on your screen may differ from those of actual samples and from the veneer used in a project. There may be some slight variation in colour and pattern between dye-batches. Manufacturing features such as join lines and knife-rub-marks may also be present. These are not defects but intrinsic properties of reconstituted dyed wood veneer and its processing.

TrueGrain Limewood FSC®


TrueGrain Limewood FSC®



Only available in Crown-cut type appearance



Should always be specified as Slip-matched
About this Product: Made from real wood veneer, dyed all the way through, then laminated and re-sliced to make veneer in unique colours and patterns. TrueGrain made from dyed veneer is the most consistent of all wood veneers, and is especially suitable where uniformity is required, such as large areas of wall panelling. It also has the advantage that it is available in patterns and colours not available in natural veneer. Suited to interior, dry, low wear and vertical applications such as panelling and cabinetry. There may occasionally be some very slight variation in colour and pattern between dye-batches. FSC® certified for sustainability.
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Nominal veneer leaf size(s): 2800mmx640mm
Typical Finished Panel size(s): 2700mmx1200mm
Thickness of Veneer: 0.55mm
Product Data Sheet: Download
Availability: Good availability
Price zone: Above average
Applications: Ideal for use where very high consistency is required such as large wall and ceiling areas. Suitable for interior, dry, low/medium-wear applications, vertical and low/medium-wear horizontal applications such as wall panelling, interior doors, furniture, ceiling panels, table- and desk-tops. It should not be used for high wear areas such as floors, stair treads, counter-tops exposed to heavy wear/water and kitchen counter-tops. Not suitable for use in high humidity, wet, steamy or damp conditions such as vanity tops, splash-backs or above stoves and dishwashers. Do not use in exterior applications, areas exposed to long periods of very bright direct or indirect light, or temperatures above 60 degrees C, or areas around stoves and fireplaces. Note that the appearance of veneer will change over time due to direct and indirect light, and exposure to heat and air, or use with unsuitable coatings. Keep out direct sunlight. As it is not possible to cover all associated manufacturing materials, conditions, products and methods, the end-user is responsible for carrying out the necessary tests and trials to check that the veneer, coating type, fabrication methods, associated materials and cleaning products/methods are suitable for the application.
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Colour/Appearance: White/Cream/Blond
Consistency of Appearance: Near perfect consistency
Made from: Dyed Obeche
Botanical Name: Triplochiton scleroxylon
Origin: African veneer - EU manuf
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Edging availability: Veneer edging is generally available from Briggs Veneers. Matching solid wood is not available.
Finish: Use a high quality non-yellowing 2-pack acrylic urethane designed for use with wood veneer for sealer and top coats, with manufacturer approved UV prohibitors added in the maximum amount recommended by the coating manufacturer. Sealer and coating film thickness to be as recommended by the coating manufacturer. Test pieces should be prepared to ensure that the coating is suitable.
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Environmental: Environmentally certified to be from responsibly managed forests
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Available as environmentally certified: Yes, specify as TrueGrain Limewood FSC®
Type of environmental certification: FSC Mix® and/or FSC® Controlled
FSC Chain of Custody certificate
Emissions from raw veneer: Low Formaldehyde E1
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Fire Hazard Group 1 not possible at this stage. Fire Hazard Group 2 when glued onto 12mm and thicker Natural-coloured and/or Pink FLAMEBLOCK FRMDF (NCC 2019 / AS 5637 / ISO 9705 Room Burn Test). Not yet certified on Black Flameblock. Download Fire Hazard Group 2 Assessment Report
Fire Hazard Group 3 when glued onto 6mm and thicker Standard MDF and Particleboard Download Fire Hazard Group 3 Assessment Report

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Briggs Fire Certificate(s)/Report(s) do not apply to FRMDF/veneers/laminates from other suppliers. They apply only to Briggs Veneers' Flameblock FRMDF/veneers/laminates/thicknesses as listed on our Fire Certificate(s)/Report(s). It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the products used on their project are as named on these Fire Certificate(s)/Report(s). Briggs Veneers does not accept any responsibility for product substitution by others. Do not publish Briggs Fire Certificate(s)/Report(s) on any website or in product literature as they are the property of Warrington Fire and/or Briggs Veneers. Flameblock is designed and tested to meet the National Construction Code 2019 (NCC 2019) Volume 1, Specification C1.10 Section 4 for interior walls, ceilings and lift car interiors. Flameblock is not rated for use in other areas of buildings that may require fire-retardancy such as doors, around fireplaces, etc. Nor is it rated as “non-combustible”. Panels which have been modified such as with acoustic slotting or multilayered Flameblock are not covered. Briggs Veneers are not qualified to advise what Fire Hazard Group Numbers are required for your application - please seek the advice of a Fire Engineer Consultant or Building Certifier.