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This image represents a finished sample approximately 600mm wide. Colours displayed on your screen may differ from those of the actual sample.

TrueGrain Wenge FSC®


TrueGrain Wenge FSC®



Only available in Quarter-cut type appearance



Should always be specified as Slip-matched
How to Specify: Download
Nominal veneer leaf size(s): 2800mmx640mm
Typical Finished Panel size(s): 2700mmx1200mm
Thickness of Veneer: 0.55mm
Product Data Sheet: Download
Availability: Good availability
Price zone: Slightly above average
Applications: Ideal for use where very high colour consistency is required such as large wall and ceiling areas, or projects with multiple contracts and packages. Not to be used on exterior or wet areas, or ultra-high-wear areas or floors. Keep out of direct sunlight.
About & Applications information: Download
Colour/Appearance: Black/Dark
- Made from dyed veneer. Very consistent in colour and grain.
Consistency of Appearance: Near perfect consistency
Made from: Dyed Obeche
Botanical Name: Triplochiton scleroxylon
Origin: Africa
Handling and Care instructions Download
Edging & solid timber availability: Veneer edging is generally available from Briggs Veneers. Matching solid wood is not available.
Finish: This veneer should be finished with a non-yellowing clear coating, such as a 2-pack Acrylic Urethane, with manufacturer approved UV inhibitors
Pressing, Finishing & Fabrication information Download
Environmental: Environmentally certified to be from responsibly managed forests, non-endangered
Environment Health & Safety information Download
Available as environmentally certified: Yes, specify as TrueGrain Wenge FSC®
Type of environmental certification: FSC Mix®
FSC Chain of Custody certificate Download
Emissions from raw veneer: Low Formaldehyde E1
Formaldehyde certificate Download
Material Safety Data Sheet Download
The new National Construction Code and FLAMEBLOCK Download New National Construction Code and FLAMEBLOCK

This/these fire certificate(s) apply only for the MDF, species, veneers, laminates and thicknesses as listed on the certificates. Please confirm with your fire consultant that these certificates meet the relevant BCA requirements for your application (interior walls and ceilings Class 2 to 9 Buildings).