This image represents a sample of raw black MDF approximately 600mm wide. Colours displayed on your screen may differ from those of the actual MDF.

FLAMEBLOCK® BLACK FRMDF 12mm, 16mm, 18mm



About this Product: Fire Retardant all the way through: In the raw/painted form 12mm and thicker, Flameblock Black is certified to reach Fire Hazard Group 2 for interior walls and ceilings. All Fire Hazard Group Number tests and assessments are done according to AS 5637 using ISO 9705 Room Burn Tests, as required by the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 Building Code of Australia, Volume 1, Specification C1.10, Section 4 - Wall and Ceiling Linings. Please contact us for New Zealand Group Numbers. FLAMEBLOCK is PEFC™ certified for sustainability.
Panel sizes: 2440mmx1220mm, 3050mmx1220mm
Thickness of Panel(s): 12mm, 16mm, 18mm
Product Data Sheet: Download
Availability: Good availability ex stock. Please contact us well in advance for very large projects.
Applications: Where RAW BLACK FRMDF is required as Fire Hazard Group 2. Note that Flameblock is not moisture resistant.
About & Applications information: Download
Colour/Appearance: Very Dark/Black
Origin: European Union
Handling and Care instructions Download
Pressing, Finishing & Fabrication information Download
Environmental: Environmentally certified to be from responsibly managed forests
Environment Health & Safety information Download
Available as environmentally certified: Yes, specify as PEFC
Type of environmental certification: PEFC
PEFC Chain of Custody certificate Download
Emissions from MDF: Low Formaldehyde E1/CARB II
Formaldehyde certificate Download
Material Safety Data Sheet Download
Does not meet Fire Hazard Group 1. Fire Hazard Group 2 in the raw or painted state (NCC 2019 / AS 5637 / ISO 9705 Room Burn Test) Download Fire Hazard Group 2 Certificate for raw Black Flameblock
Fire Hazard Group Numbers have not been assessed for veneered FLAMEBLOCK BLACK

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Briggs Fire Certificate(s)/Report(s) do not apply to FRMDF/veneers/laminates from other suppliers. They apply only to Briggs Veneers' Flameblock FRMDF/veneers/laminates/thicknesses as listed on our Fire Certificate(s)/Report(s). It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the products used on their project are as named on these Fire Certificate(s)/Report(s). Briggs Veneers does not accept any responsibility for product substitution by others. Do not publish Briggs Fire Certificate(s)/Report(s) on any website or in product literature as they are the property of Warrington Fire and/or Briggs Veneers. Flameblock is designed and tested to meet the National Construction Code 2019 (NCC 2019) Volume 1, Specification C1.10 Section 4 for interior walls, ceilings and lift car interiors. Flameblock is not rated for use in other areas of buildings that may require fire-retardancy such as doors, around fireplaces, etc. Nor is it rated as “non-combustible”. Panels which have been modified such as with acoustic slotting or multilayered Flameblock are not covered. Briggs Veneers are not qualified to advise what Fire Hazard Group Numbers are required for your application - please seek the advice of a Fire Engineer Consultant or Building Certifier.